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Month: April 2020

Collectors Corner May 2020

Peter Brinkhof, who lives in The Netherlands, joins Duran Duran Rocks with his very own Collectors Corner. Many of the collectors amongst us will know Peter from his time as a writer for Duran Duran Official. He possesses a real passion and zest for searching on line for bargains and for visiting the largest record fairs he can find. He is in-famed for his unlimited knowledge in the world of Duran Duran collecting. Likewise, his resources are endless and he has an astonishing, but admirable, relentless thirst for education.

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Interview: Nick Egan

Nick Egan, synonymous with providing 80’s legends Duran Duran a full makeover in 1993 by creating the branding and art for the band’s combined great escape and incredible comeback The Wedding Album, very kindly agreed to take questions from DDRock’s John Archbell on his highly successful career as an Art / Video Director.

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