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Notorious Duranzine Issue 2

What an incredibly insane year 1993 turned out to be? It was a case of all hands on deck at TND HQ – We had previously advertised the fanzine in the free ads of various publications including Rock CD, PS (remember the penpal magazine?), NME, Record Collector. There’s many other titles that I can’t recall. That all changed when Ordinary World began to gather airplay momentum.

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Notorious Duranzine Launch Issue

We’re very pleased, at long last, to be able to bring to you The Notorious Duranzine in a 3D flip book format!

The fanzine was launched in October 1992 by its editor John Archbell. He wrote and produced it, together with the added assistance of his wife Sharon Archbell and good friends, Richard and Linda Harvey.

It all began after a motorcycle accident that John was involved in. He was laid up for a couple of months and needed to preoccupy himself during recovery from a couple of fractures and a knock on the head he sustained in the collision.

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