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April Albrecht A Duranie's Dedication

A Duranie’s Dedication By April Albrecht

I am an American fan of Duran Duran and have been since the early 80s. I can count the number of their shows that I have attended on literally two hands. I go for the music, for seeing the guys, taking pictures (when it was eventually okay to do so), and the overall atmosphere of absolute fun, dancing, and just letting go.

Of course, the chance meeting is always a plus! However, what I have noticed, over four decades is the change in their tours – the production, set, everything.

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Angelos Georgas

Your Mission: Find Duran Duran

LIghts, Camera, ACTION! How do you fancy telling the whole world about your Duran Duran experience? Send your ideas to and we would love to consider featuring you in our next instalment of Yours Story’!

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