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Careless Memories

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Collectors Corner July 2020 sees Peter Brinkhof delving into the Duran Duran treasure trove that he has amassed over the last four decades.  His quest is to bring us upto 45RPM with the band’s second single Careless Memories, from their self titled album, 1981’s Duran Duran.


So easy to disturb, with a thought, with a whisper…

Careless Memories


It was evident that Duran Duran had to come up with a second single that could emulate the successful first impression of their debut single Planet Earth. It resulted in the release of the punk ‘esque’ Careless Memories in April 1981. However, this was not the band’s or indeed their management’s decision. That was left to their record label EMI whom later decided, that after the relatively poor chart position of Careless Memories, they left the choice of future single releases with the band. The highest UK chart position was a disappointing No. 37.


What’s Your Name?


Still, Careless Memories was quite an interesting release for fans and collectors. This single release has a non-album B-side, Khanada and the 12” release has two additional non-album B-sides, Khanada and the Bowie cover Fame.


For the collectors, the UK edition has been released in a few different variations. Some records have a four sprong centre and others have a solid centre, both having labels designed by Assorted Images. Besides this, two variations of the sleeve exist; a sturdy carton version and a thinner paper one.


Duran Duran Careless Memories 7
Duran Duran Careless Memories 7″

Wishing I Was Lucky


The video for Careless Memories was directed by Perry Haines and the sleeve art was designed by Malcolm Garrett at Assorted Images.


The single did not get a worldwide release but some territories were lucky. Besides the UK and Ireland, the 7” was pressed in The Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, Zimbabwe and South Africa plus also in some exotic, far-flung places including Guatemala and Bolivia in South America and the Philippines in Asia.


Duran Goes Dutch


You might notice two Dutch variations exist. You should be able to find records with the unique Assorted Images designed labels as well as standard yellow/beige labels. The matrix number of both variations however is the same.


Careless Memories Worldwide 7
Careless Memories Worldwide 7″ Releases


The South African release came in a sleeve with a totally different design and this item definitely has a firm spot in the top 10 of most sought after Duran Duran collectables.


Careless Memories South African 7
Careless Memories South African 7″


A Careless Mistake?


Although a commercial 12” was released only in the UK, there is no Night Version or alternate remix included. However the two fabulous B-side songs more than compensate for that emission. Many fans would still love to hear these during a live show. The UK pressings have unique Assorted Images designed labels or standard burgundy coloured labels.


Careless Memories UK 12
Careless Memories UK Plus 12″ Test Pressing


No Harvest For The World


For the US market only, a promotional 12” was pressed by Harvest Records. Besides Careless Memories this record contains two album cuts, Anyone Out There and Girls On Film. A commercial single release has not been distributed in the United States or Canada.


Duran Duran Careless Memories 12
Careless Memories 12″ USA Promo




In 1983 the single was reissued with a selection of 12”s that came with original labels and standard black labels. However, there are no differences regarding the tracks as the same matrices were used to press the records. Finding a re-issued 7” pressing with black labels is not very easy. These are much rarer than the ones with the centre labels with the unique design.


Duran Duran Careless Memories UK 7
Careless Memories UK 7″ & 12″ 1983 Re-Issues



Let’s end this trip down to Careless Memories with some oddities!


I think misprints are very unique. Besides being very rare, they also give an insight in the printing process.


When you look at the following images of misprints you will notice that the silver and brown colour printing had to be a separate step in the process. Some copies only have the silver and brown colour printed on the sleeve and some only have the black colour printed on the sleeve.


Another misprint is a record label without any print except for the black text.


Some collectors are willing to pay quite a bit of money for these obscure items, mainly due to obviously being very scarce as only a few copies would slip through quality control.


If you have any misprints then please share your stories in the comments!


Duran Duran Careless Memories Misprints
Careless Memories Misprints


Words by Peter Brinkhof // Edited by John Archbell // Images by Peter Brinkhof unless where indicated.


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