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Duran Duran Future Past. The new album due out in October 2021

5th June 2021

Invisible becomes Visible


Well, hasn’t it been a mad week?! Invisible, the debut single from new album Future Past gets its world premiere on the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show a couple of weeks back and then we hear nothing from the song until now. 


I had been emailing the band’s management with my concerns about the lack of promotion for Invisible. It turns out my worry was for nothing and their following quote was as good as their word.


“We have several first rate teams working across radio, play listing, TV and press – all of whom work with the best of the best.”


We now learn that Invisible has made ‘Record of the Week‘ on the station w/c 7th June. If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, Invisible has had a massive boost of guaranteed airtime by being added to Radio 2’s A Playlist!


So congratulations to Duran Duran HQ for making it happen. Let’s now hope that the similarly bigger radio stations catch on and play it and the forthcoming new album Future Past when it happens.


Dua Lipa Duet?


To add to our last Future Past update, where we exclusively revealed that there was to be a second duet, in addition to Lykee Li that had been organised a couple of years ago.


There’s currently a buzz in the air surrounding Duran Duran – speculation is mounting on who the mysterious collaborator could be? A listers like Kylie Minogue; Dua Lipa; Lady Gaga have been name dropped. Runners up include Gwen Stefani.


However the favourite on most fan’s lips is Dua Lipa, which is hardly a surprise given that John Taylor is a self confessed admirer. Dua would almost certainly bring a new legion of fans to Duran Duran and would almost certainly provide a Top 5 hit. The question though would the artist name be ‘Duran Duran feat. Dua Lipa’ or ‘Dua Lipa feat. Duran Duran? It’s a valid question. Whatever the outcome it’ll be a huge branding scoop for the band as Duran Duran would receive a credit on every stream or download of the song.. if it happens of course!


More news and updates coming as soon as we get it! Feel free to comment below about what your expectations are about the new album Future Past. Also don’t forget to use the share buttons!

31st May 2021

Mike Garson plays piano on ‘Can’t Say That is Love’.
Mark Ronson has produced two of the songs.
The next track to be released will be Moroder produced. It’s been described as Euro Disco meets Duran Duran.
There will be a duet with a female artist in addition to the Lykke Li track. Rumours are they’re looking at Gwen Stefani or maybe somebody like Lady GaGa. Or what about Kylie? We’ll leave you to speculate on that!
The band’s management have confirmed to us that there will be a big push for the promo of ‘Invisible’.
“We have several first rate teams working across radio, play listing, TV and press – all of whom work with the best of the best.”
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4 thoughts on “New Album Future Past Latest News”

    1. Hi Richard

      I was wondering the same. However, I’m not sure where else they can promote Invisible? I don’t listen to local radio – and there aren’t many tv shows left in the U.K. to appear on.

      But they could be doing more with the press.

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