The Notorious Duranzine - Issue 2 Flip Book

Please Mr Postman..


What an incredibly insane year 1993 turned out to be? It was a case of all hands on deck at The Notorious Duranzine HQ. We had previously advertised the Duran Duran fanzine in the free ads of various music publications including Rock CD, PS (remember the penpal magazine?), NME, Record Collector. There are many other titles that I can’t recall. That all changed when Duran Duran’s epic comeback single Ordinary World began to gather airplay momentum in late December 1992. The postman struggled to walk down our path with all the sacks of subscriber mail slung over his shoulder!


Of course I’m joking but it really was extremely unprecedented and unexpected – who would have thought it? One of the greatest comebacks we had ever encountered for any band, let alone one from the previous decade. The traditional paper fanzine has now turned into something much more advanced. There’s no doubt that the advent of the internet has made our lives easier and we can now just use google and read books on line. So why not a Duran Duran 3D flip book fanzine namely The Notorious Duranzine?


Acoustic Shows


So March was upon us, the month where Duran Duran would take their ‘plugged in’ acoustic shows on a short UK tour. It would cement the fact that the band did indeed have other strings to their bow, with Warren Cuccurullo on arrangement duty, providing the classic hits with a temporary makeover. “He could look at songs that we got quite jaded with – songs like Rio and Planet Earth. They were great songs then but he was able to change things and make them still be great.” – Simon Le Bon.



Still Hungry Like The Wolf?


The Notorious Duranzine had missed reporting on the beginning of the Dilate Your Mind tour due to the timing of this particular issue going to press. It would be two months before our readers could read up on the events and reviews, which of course, we did cover in Issue 3. In issue 2 we had a packed ‘Too Much Information’ section with plenty of news and gossip, that including the supposed release of a Rio ’93 remix and Hungry Like The Wolf (The Wolf’s Still Hungry remix). Apparently they’re still in production!


Breaking Heads in a Sugar Shack..


There’s also a letters page, The Sugar Shack, where the fanzine would do its best to answer fan questions. It turned out to be a very popular feature – a fantastic way of getting readers involved. Of course it was great filler. Most of the time we answered positively with the help of Duran Duran Productions in London, however, there were many occasions where we would have to wing it, which is no different to what we read on Facebook these days. There’s also a report by Gerard Hynes, who is still very much integral with Duran Duran today, taking photos of the band at official events. In fact he took the one that features on our home page. He was at The Halcyon Hotel, London, for Duran Duran’s press launch of The Wedding Album.


Anyhow, here is that very Issue presented to you in a 3D flip book form for you to peruse. We have edited out the free ad section to protect people’s privacy. Those were the days when both addresses and telephone numbers would be published. Enjoy and please feel free to comment with your opinions!

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