The Notorious Duranzine - Launch Issue Flip Book!

The Notorious Duranzine


We’re very pleased, at long last, to be able to bring to you The Notorious Duranzine in a 3D flip book format!


The fanzine was launched in October 1992 by its editor John Archbell. He wrote and produced it, together with the added assistance of his wife Sharon Archbell and good friends, Richard and Linda Harvey.


It all began after a motorcycle accident that John was involved in. He was laid up for a couple of months and needed to preoccupy himself during recovery from a couple of fractures and a knock on the head he sustained in the collision.


The reality is that the fanzine was a distraction and meant he could turn his attention to something not connected to the trauma of what turned out to be a very bad day at the office.


John also felt that there was not enough promotion for the band at the time. The publications that mattered weren’t interested in Duran Duran – they’d lost interest in the late 80’s. There was no internet and Facebook’s creator Mark Zuckerberg was just eight years old at the time.


So, his Passion for Duran Duran really began to take hold from there.


Some pages may be missing or where there are unusual blank spaces is because there was private information that couldn’t be published. Also, please bear in mind that we didn’t have the luxury of a computer in those days. Everything was produced by a typewriter, typex and stencils. Sometimes we would be working through the night to make deadlines. The headers inside were created using letter stickers and a ruler. It was painful.


Footnote: Does anybody have any idea how difficult it is to find editorial for a launch issue?


Enjoy, share and download!

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